Restaurant Design Trends You’ll See in 2018

Restaurant design has changed drastically over the past few decades with bright, lively interior themes giving way to minimalistic designs and then rustic, woodsy designs reminiscent of a log cabin. These trends can be seen in everything from chain restaurants with their overtly corporate feel, to independent restaurants owned and operated by celebrity chefs.

If you are opening a new restaurant, or you are just interested in the latest restaurant design trends for 2018, keep reading as Lewis Visuals is going to show you some of the latest trends in restaurant interior design that you will be seeing in restaurants throughout the UK and around the world.

Restaurant Design Trends For 2018

Custom Lighting

Every interior designer is looking at custom lighting for their clients and restaurants are not excluded. Restaurants are the perfect place for designers to show off innovative lighting concepts since they are trying to set the mood and create an ambience that will entice diners visit often. Using a wide range of automated apps, coloured lighting effects and more, designers can create a wide range of environments that can change with the mood of theme of the evening. Another popular lighting trend that we will be seeing in 2018 is custom art-inspired fixtures. Designers are working with artists more than ever today to create one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients that can’t be replicated.

Retro Finishes

Copper and brass are the popular finish in the recent years and made a comeback in on-trend restaurant interiors. From soffits and banquets, to bar surrounds, railing and more, copper and brass finishes are becoming more popular with upscale restaurants.

Going Green

Plants have always been a fixture in restaurant interior design but they were usually just an afterthought rather than a showpiece. Now, plants and other greenery are becoming a focal point in many restaurants as they can add a fresh from nature effect that relate to the new farm-to-table philosophy seen in modern restaurants.

Social Media Enabled

We see it on social media every day. Someone we know dined out last night and they just had to take a picture of their food as soon as it reached the table. This growing social media trend is being embraced by modern design teams and they are creating innovative social media zones where diners can take photos and post them directly on the restaurant’s social media pages as well as their own.


Minimalism is still a thing in today’s restaurants as leading interior designers are creating minimalistic looks that give the restaurant a more upscale look while avoiding over the top wall treatments, oversaturated corners and bold colour schemes.

Although these are just some of the latest trends in restaurant interior design, there are many more that a professional interior design team can show you. They will work closely with you to ensure your needs and the needs of your restaurant are being met.

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