On The 1st Of March Lewis Visuals and John Wratten are Merging!

To better serve our clients and provide more services, Lewis Visuals & John Wratten are merging to become an even greater force in the residential home design industry. You read that right, an award winning architectural firm and a sought-after house design team are merging to form a new company that will remain committed to the needs of their clients while providing a better home design experience.

Transforming Lives Through Design

The merger is great news for both existing and new clients of John Wratten and will offer clients of Lewis Visuals a new take on their already famous home design portfolio. Experience meets advanced architectural technologies, wisdom meets trendsetting design, whatever you call it, the merger of these architectural minds will mean better service for their clients.

Genevieve Wells, the director of Lewis Visuals stated ‘this is an exciting time for both Lewis Visuals and John Wratten. John will bring his years of experience and knowledge to our enthusiastic and trendy, practice.’

Lewis Visuals Award-Winning Designs

Founded in 2009 in Farnham, Surrey, Lewis Visuals is an independently owned and operated architectural firm known for their many award-winning designs and commitment to exceeding the needs of their clients with every project they complete. Lewis Visuals includes a team of 8 talented individuals and has won many national and international architectural design awards.

About the merger, John Wratten stated that ‘the merger will allow me to focus on what I do best which is the love of designing homes.’ His company will still be located near Yeovil where he and his team has served his clients throughout the Somerset, Devon and Dorset regions.

Bringing these two firms together proves that while great designers often think alike, their ideas can also be complementing, and they can create a bond that becomes much bigger than sum of its parts. Welcome to the future of architectural design, welcome to the new John Wratten & Lewis Visuals Architectural Design.

If you are considering building a new home, start with a beautiful home design from John Wratten & Lewis Visuals Architectural Design and have a home you can be proud of.

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