Office Design Trends to Increase Productivity

Employees spend a lot of time at the office and there is a delicate balance between making the comfortable and keeping them productive. Some workplace interiors are modeled after an open lounge giving employees the ability to work wherever they like without being confined to their desk. Certainly, this may be ideal for comfort and possibly even creativity, but it doesn’t make your employees any more productive. Then we have offices that are simply a row of cubicles with everyone working away, popping their heads up every now and then to see if their coworkers are even still there. This can be productive, but it might lead to unhappy employees. Being able to create a workplace interior design that is conducive to both employee happiness and productivity can be done with the help of an experienced architectural design firm.

Our Office Design Trends to Increase Productivity

If you are considering an office remodel or are building a new office for your small business, keep reading for some of the latest office design trends that will increase employee productivity and keep your employees happier as well.

  1. Flexible and Dynamic Spaces

More and more companies are integrating flexible spaces in their workplaces which enable employees to work wherever they are comfortable while still increasing their productivity by creating more dynamic spaces within the office environment. In this type of office set-up, furniture can be moved or rearranged easily and workstations are a part of the furniture.

  1. Technology Integration

Technology is the driving force that makes us more productive employees and it is what enables us to work smarter and faster. With a technologically enabled office setup, your employees should be able to address potential issues related to collaboration, communication, project management, and other critical business areas.

  1. Collaborative Meeting Spaces

Collaborative meeting spaces are a relatively new office design trend driven by millennial employees who have a tendency to move away from their desks and converge in communal areas for less formal meetings.

  1. Privacy-Friendly Workstations

While open spaces and flexible layouts are becoming the new trend, employees still want their privacy to be able to work without interruption and focus on the tasks at hand. While cubicles are generally frowned upon, enclosing some portions of the workspace using traditional dividers or booths to create semi-enclosed settings will give your employees the privacy they want and increase their productivity as well.

Although these are just some of the latest trends in office interior design, there are many more that a professional interior design team can show you. They will work closely with you to ensure your needs and the needs of your business are met while creating an office space that breathes productivity.


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