Luxury Swimming Pool Ideas

Today’s high-end homes wouldn’t be complete without luxurious swimming pools. Homeowners can really go over the top with luxurious pool designs and they can add many new design features that most can only dream of. Due to the more flexible budgets and available options, it is much easier for the designer to adopt new ideas that embody the luxe lifestyle.

Mediterranean Oasis

Mediterranean style pools look great with large white tiles and deep blue Mediterranean tiles as this design element captures the idea of high coastal cliffs and the blue sea often found in the region. But designers can take that look one step further by adding more ornate tiles that tell a story as family and guests lounge poolside. Many homeowners are opting for outside kitchens to complete the luxe look and let them prepare authentic Mediterranean dishes for outdoor parties.

Tropical Elements

For oceanfront luxury pools, designers are turning them into luxurious tropical retreats. By adding a beach entry pool with gentle downward slope and combining an infinity edge to play artfully with the imagination, homeowners have a pool they may never want to get out of. Teak lounge chairs may add to the overall feeling of serenity and provide seating for guests. Instead of the normal rectangular shape, luxury swimming pools can have modified L-shape with an artful combination of teal and blue glass tile to create a perfect peaceful retreat.

Combination Indoor/Outdoor Area

You may even choose to bring the outside in and create dramatic views of your pool by using floor-to-ceiling windows on the facing walls of your home. The patio can be decorated with an aqua and teal glass tiled border, which contrast beautifully with a more neutral flagstone decking. Pools with irregular shapes may look like a natural pond with the natural stone tiles as the border. To make the design looks more appealing; an elevated Jacuzzi area with water that flows out into the primary pool can be added.

Mountain Regions

For luxury swimming pools that overlook the mountains, designers can focus on simplicity with regular rectangular shapes combined with different cuts of stone pavers. The usual infinity pool design can be placed on the side that allows for unobstructed view of the mountains and surrounding towns. This is a good design that can be combined with modern houses. To make the pool blend better with the environment, rock-colored tiles similar to the surrounding natural stones can be implemented.

A wide range of materials can be used to turn and ordinary pool into something extraordinary. Whether you want a luxurious outdoor oasis to relax in, or you want a more subdued pool design for your home, choosing the right architectural design firm can make it happen.

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