Looking for a Local Architect or Designer?

What’s the difference between a local architect and a designer? Aren’t they the same or at least close to it? Actually, the terms are not as interchangeable as many homeowners think and the differences will be quite clear after reading this post.

When You Need a Local Architect

Any time you are building or designing a home, you want to choose a professional for the job. From the design stage through to moving in your furniture, you want everything to go as planned and on schedule. Everyone involved with creating your dream home should be professionally trained and certified in their field. This ensures that your home will be designed, built and finished properly.

With that being said, an architect is a professional who is trained and certified in their profession and has the degree, diploma or other certification to prove it. In the UK, they may be registered with the RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects or the Architect’s Registration Board (ARB).

For an architect to qualify for certification, it takes seven years of theoretical and practical training. They also need to carry insurance as a stipulation of the ARB. This enables an architect to provide a full range of services from concept design to detailed construction drawings and specifications.

Choose the Architects Farnham Homebuilders Choose

Now that we understand just what an architect is, you should know that not every architect will be right for your build. By researching local architects in your area and choosing the one that best suits your needs and your design style, you will find that your vision of the perfect home will become reality.

Let’s also take a look at the difference between an architect and a designer. As we have read, an architect requires many years of training and expertise. A designer, however, does not. The term designer is very broad and could cover architects, or it could not. Becoming a designer requires no training or certifications and every designer is different and may come with different qualifications. Whereas, when you choose a local architect, you know the certifications they hold and the requirements needed to qualify for those certifications.

Does this make one better than the other? In many cases, it might, but that is up to your personal preferences. You should choose the best qualified candidate that suits your needs and that can design the home you want.

Award Winning Design Team

Lewis Visuals provides our clients with a wide range of home design services and can create a personalised design that suits your family’s needs. We are an award-winning London design firm respected in the industry. Our many design awards include:

  • IoD’s 2017 London and the South-East Director of the Year Awards Finalist
  • AI Global Excellence Awards Most Outstanding Design and Build Company 2016
  • BEFA’s Best Service Based Company 2017
  • BEFA’s Finalist for Best CEO 2017
  • Houzz Best of Houzz Client Satisfaction 2017
  • Build’s Most Innovative Designers in the UK 2016
  • Build’s Best Design and Construction Company in Surrey 2016
  • BEFA’s Best Female Entrepreneur in Europe and the Middle East 2016
  • Build’s Best Design and Construction Company in Surrey 2015
  • WICE Best Female Architectural Technologist in Europe 2015
  • FSB’s Best Business Person of the Year in Surrey 2015

Lewis Visuals Offices

Lewis Visuals has offices in Farnham, Brighton, Forest Row, Honiton, Lyme Regis, Yeovil and Potters Bar. We serve clients in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, East Sussex, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.