House Extension Ideas for 2018

With property prices increasing steadily, it is financially a good idea to extend your house, rather than purchasing a new, larger one. Families grow and children are getting bigger and, for many, a three-bedroom house will eventually become inadequate. Adding an extension to your home can help add important space that can be used as a bedroom, children’s play area, rec room, office or more. Plus, the additional space will add more value to your home which is important if you are considering selling.

If your home needs more space and you don’t know what you want or even how to make it happen, you should contact a professional architectural design team that can create a functional extension for your home that provides more space and adds value.

Here are some house extension ideas that will give your home the extra space it needs:

Push the kitchen further: Instead of making a new bedroom or home office area, some homeowners are looking to create a new kitchen area. The old kitchen can be transformed into a bedroom or other living space. Be sure to choose a space that can accommodate multiple windows as this will help keep your kitchen bright and help reduce smoke and odour from cooking.

Cantilever design: It is a good idea to implement cantilevering when adding new design features, such as mezzanines and balconies. When extending a home, we often find that new foundations are prohibited due to the presence of certain obstacles, such as utilities or plumbing. In this situation, a cantilevered ground floor slab is a good alternative.

Building using hardwood: Hardwoods can give instant character to any extension. It’s ideal for use in an additional bedroom, home office area or kitchen. An extension built entirely of hardwood is ideal for properties with rustic styles, such as farmhouses and cottages. A common practice is to combine principal roof structures such as tie beams, ridges and purlins made of hardwood, with rafters made from softwoods.

Maximize natural light sources: Any home extension should take advantage of as many natural light sources as possible. An extension can be constructed at the northern or southern parts of the house, so it will be always be exposed to sunlight throughout the day. Glazed doors and windows can be placed strategically to let sunlight enter the interior of the extension, but it is important not to overdo this. If too much sunlight enters the extension, the temperature inside will be too high and air conditioning unit will be needed. This will negate the energy-efficient benefits of having a naturally lit area.

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